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Types of Income Protection

Starting from £10* per month


Single or joint policies

Take out protection as a couple, or go it alone with a single policy.

Single income protection covers you alone, while joint income protection covers you & your partner. Couples can access lower rates if they opt for joint protection, so it's always worth exploring.


Income protection

Protect your salary in the event you're unable to work.

Income protection safeguards your income if you're unable to work due to illness or injury. It provides financial support during this time in the form of monthly repayments - usually about 50-70% of your gross monthly income.


Income protection - self-employed

Protection is even more important when its your own business.

We have access to specialist policies for those that are self-employed. This provides financial security, ensuring you still receive an income if you can't work due to illness or injury.

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*Prices where indicated in adverts are based on the below criteria, as of 08/06/2023. Prices quoted may vary depending on your own individual circumstances including age, medical history, the sum assured, length of policy - and other variables.

Income Protection Insurance from £10 per month:
25 year old male client- non-smoker- administrator - 3 month deferment period- £1,500 to be paid out each month for a maximum of two years per individual claim- covering him up to the age of 65- £9.85 pm