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Fix your interest rate for up to 40-years and increase your borrowing to 6x income. Rates from 5.69%

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Open a Cash Lifetime ISA today and earn 4.30% AER (variable) interest on your savings. Over 5-years, that’s hundreds more in your pocket than with the closest market competitor.


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Struggling to save a house deposit? Try Tembo

We specialise in helping buyers improve their affordability so they can get on the ladder sooner through a range of low or no deposit mortgage schemes. Saving you weeks, months, or years building up your house fund.

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Saving up for a deposit is tough - it can often takes years to save up a house fund. If you’re struggling to put money aside for a house deposit, don’t worry. There are plenty of buying schemes out there that help you get a mortgage - even with a small deposit, or no deposit put aside.

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Why Tembo?

We help buyers, movers and homeowners discover how they could boost their affordability in 3 simple steps. It’s why we’re the UK’s Best Mortgage Broker.


Buy with help from loved ones

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Deposit Boost

If you have a family member or friend whose a homeowner and wants to help you buy, they can use a Deposit Boost to unlock money from their property. The proceeds will be added to your house deposit, or can be used as your entire down payment.

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Deposit Loan

Your loved ones can also contribute to your house deposit to boost your down payment, in return for equity in your home. With a bigger deposit, you can get access to lower mortgage rates or even afford a bigger property.

Savings as Security

If you have a loved one with cash savings who'd like to help, they can deposit them into a special account held by the lender as security for the mortgage. This means you won't have to put down any deposit, and your loved one will get their savings back after a set term, as long as you make your mortgage repayments.

Boost your affordability without family support

Skipton's Track Record Mortgage

Use your track record of paying rent each month in lieu of a deposit to get a 100% mortgage. So you can stop renting, and start building up equity in your a home of your own.

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Deposit Unlock

Get on the ladder sooner, even with a small deposit by buying a new-build property from a participating home builder with just a 5% house deposit.

Dynamic Ownership

Buy a property with up to five others by pooling your resources together. With a larger total income and bigger deposit, you can boost your buying budget and get on the ladder sooner together.

Professional Mortgages

If you work in a professional job, you could borrow up to 5.5x your income, boosting your max borrowing capacity by 20%. Plus, you only need a 5% deposit as long as you're buying a pre-owned home.

5.5x Income Mortgage

Borrow up to 5.5x your household income to increase your total borrowing budget by 20%. Plus, you only need a 5% deposit as long as you're buying a pre-owned home.

Forces Help To Buy

If you are a serving military personnel, borrow up to 50% of your annual salary as an interest-free loan to top up your house deposit, pay solicitor and estate agent fees or fund renovations on a property.

Private Shared Ownership

If you're struggling to build up a house deposit, purchase a share of a property instead through a private Shared Ownership scheme. Because you're only buying a share of the home, the amount you need for a deposit is significantly less.

Government Shared Ownership

If you're struggling to build up a house deposit, purchase a share of a property instead through the government's Shared Ownership scheme. By buying a share of the home, the amount you need for a house deposit is substantially less.

Key Worker or NHS Mortgages

Whether you're a firefighter, doctor, nurse or teacher, you could borrow up to 6.5 times your salary with an NHS or Key Worker Mortgage to significantly increase your total buying budget.

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See the best possible mortgage rates today from our panel of over 100 mortgage lenders on our comparison page. For personalised live rates, create a free Tembo pan.

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4 simple steps to getting the keys to your new home


Make a Tembo plan

Check your eligibility for a range of low or no deposit mortgage schemes, and get a personalised recommendation with interest rates and repayments in under 10-minutes.


Talk to an expert

Book a call with our experts to complete the qualification process, and we’ll cover off any questions you might have about any of the budget boosting schemes we advise on.


Find a property

Once you’ve found a property, your dedicated advisor will undertake full affordability checks to prepare the mortgage application. Then we’ll submit it on your behalf!


Make home happen

During conveyancing, we’ll liaise with the seller and your solicitors to ensure a smooth purchase. We’ll also provide a free protection review for your insurance needs.

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