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Voted Britain’s Best Mortgage Broker 2022. We specialise in helping home buyers get a bigger mortgage to buy their dream home. Working with over 100 mortgage lenders, our smart technology gives you an accurate view of what your max mortgage loan could be with help from family, friends or a specialist scheme.

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How to get a bigger mortgage

Getting on the property ladder can feel like an impossible task. Rising house prices and stagnant earnings is making buying a home harder and harder. The good news is there are ways to get a bigger mortgage loan by boosting your borrowing potential. At Tembo, we can help you find the right scheme for you to do just that.

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Buy with help from family or friends

Whether you’re looking to co buy with your sibling or friends, or have a family member who wants to help, we advise on a range of joint mortgage schemes to boost your collective mortgage borrowing capacity. And there’s no requirement for this to come from cash savings; your loved one can use their income, pension or property to help you buy.


Guarantor mortgages

Boost your house budget or buy sooner with  a guarantor mortgage or family Boost. Luckily, there are now many ways that a loved one can help, from becoming a joint borrower on your mortgage to unlocking money from their property. We’ve helped thousands of first time home buyers, remortgagers and movers discover how much more they could afford with a guarantor mortgage.

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Own your home with up to five relatives or friends, and hold individual equity with a Dynamic Home Ownership mortgage. If the home’s value changes, or one person makes larger monthly contributions, each owner’s share will change too. So you can all benefit from increased borrowing power & any potential equity gains, while keeping things clear and fair. Plus your loved ones can cash out when it suits further down the line.

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Increase your budget without family support

If you don’t have access to family support or you’re looking to buy a property on your own, there are options out there. Whether you’re looking to stay in your home after a separation, increase your budget, or get a mortgage on a single income, we can help.


Private equity loan

With a private equity loan, you could boost your home buying budget by up to £150,000, helping you become a homeowner sooner. A great alternative to the old Government Help To Buy scheme, an equity loan provides you the additional capital to increase your down payment without the need for family support.

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Part buy, part rent

If you’re struggling to save up a deposit or afford mortgage repayments, shared ownership could be the answer. This part buy, part rent scheme lets you get a mortgage on a share of a home, and you can ‘staircase’ to buy more of the property over time when you can afford it.

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Buying someone out

Separating from a partner is painful, particularly when a break-up might mean you’re unable to stay in your home. At Tembo, we can advise on a range of options to buy your ex-partner out of a property, so you can afford your home on your own. To get started, create a personalised plan today.

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Higher lending schemes

Boost your mortgage borrowing capacity with a specialist lending scheme. If you meet the specific eligibility criteria, you could qualify for a mortgage 5.5 times your earnings or for a specialist mortgage for professionals.

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Self employed?

If you’re struggling to get a mortgage on your self employed earnings, we can help. Our expert team is experienced in helping buyers who work for themselves boost their mortgage affordability. Find out more about the options open to the self employed and sole traders.

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We’ve helped thousands of buyers get on the ladder

It’s our mission to transform homeownership. That’s why our team of expert mortgage advisors and brokers have been trusted by thousands of home buyers and their families. Read our customer testimonials to find out more about their individual stories, and how Tembo helped them become homeowners.

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Struggling to save a big enough deposit?

Saving for a house deposit can often take years, especially when the cost of living makes putting money aside even more difficult. Luckily, there are ways to get a bigger mortgage even if you have a low deposit, or even no deposit at all.

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Boost your mortgage with a gifted deposit

With a Deposit Boost, a loved one can release a sum of money from their property to add to your existing deposit instead of relying on cash savings. With a larger deposit, you can get a more affordable deal (our data shows you could save on average £14,000 in interest over a 5- year term), or a bigger mortgage. If you don’t have any deposit, their gift can help you get a mortgage without having to put money aside yourself.

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Buy your new home with a 5% deposit

Saving a large enough house deposit can take time, and for many is simply too hard to do. Luckily, there is a way you can purchase a new home without needing a large proportion of a property’s value. Through the Deposit Unlock scheme, you can buy a new build home with just a 5% house deposit, making it easier to get the keys to your new home. At Tembo, we have access to all the lenders that provide this scheme to find you the best deal.

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Boost your budget with a springboard mortgage

With a family springboard mortgage, a loved one deposits 10% of a property’s purchase price into a savings account. These savings are used by the lender as security for a mortgage, helping boost your affordability. If you have no deposit saved, this can be a solution to get you on the ladder sooner by removing the need to put money aside. At the end of a fixed term, your loved ones will get their savings back, as long as you make all of your mortgage payments.

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Get 5% gift from your builder

When you buy a new build that's part of the Builders Gift scheme, your builder will gift you 5% of the property value to top up your deposit. This is called a Builders Gift Deposit. All you have to do to get the maximum 5% deposit top up is match the deposit amount, so putting in 5% yourself. At Tembo, we have access to all the developers that provide this scheme to find the best one for you. To find out more, create a free Tembo plan to get started.

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Is your fixed rate mortgage ending?

Unsure whether to stay with your current lender or go elsewhere? If your fixed rate mortgage deal is coming to a close, it’s worth scouting out what options are available to you. We can advise you on what you should do based on your situation and the current market. Create a plan with us today to get started, or see what interest rates are looking like across the market today.

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Looking to help a family member?

Buying a home is harder than ever. But with family support, more first time home buyers can become homeowners. If you’re looking for ways you could help a loved one get a home of their own, you’re in the right place. We offer alternative ways for first time buyers to purchase a home with help from family and friends.

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