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On your own

Get a 5.5x Income Mortgage with Tembo

If you’re a first-time buyer, you could borrow up to 5.5 times your salary to increase your buying budget. So you can get on the ladder sooner, or afford your dream home.

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British Bank awards 2023 Best Mortgage Broker winner

Discover how much you can really borrow.


First time buyers only


Increase your budget by up to 20%


Your salary must be £37,000 or more

How does it work?

Typically lenders will let you borrow between 4-4.5 times your income for a mortgage. A 5.5x Income Mortgage allows first-time buyers to borrow up to 5.5 times their household income, providing that eligibility criteria is met.

This scheme could increase your buying budget by up to 20%, which could mean you can buy sooner, or might widen your property search.

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Why Tembo?

We help buyers, movers and homeowners discover how they could boost their affordability in 3 simple steps. It’s why we’re the UK’s Best Mortgage Broker.


Things to consider

All mortgages have risks and benefits. Here are some key things you should know about before applying for a 5.5x Income Mortgage


What are the benefits?

Increase your buying budget

A 5.5x Income Mortgage can significantly increase the amount you can borrow for a house, boosting your buying budget. This could means you can get on the ladder sooner, or afford a more expensive property

Boost your borrowing without a guarantor

If you don’t have a family member or loved one that could help you to increase your buying budget, a 5.5x Income Mortgage offers a solution without external support.

Get a mortgage with a smaller deposit

With a 5.5x Income Mortgage, you only need to put down the minimum 5% deposit. This can be extremely helpful for first time buyers who may only have a small house fund saved up.

Risks and considerations

You must meet the minimum income criteria

In order to qualify for a 5.5x Income Mortgage, you must earn at least £37,000 as a solo applicant. If you are buying with another person, collectively you must earn £55,000 or more.

Poor credit could impact how much you can borrow

If you have a low credit score you may be offered a smaller income multiple.

You cannot be self-employed

You must be permanently employed and have 12 months of employment history

You can only get 5 or 10 year fixed rate deals

If you only plan to stay in the property for a few years, this scheme might not be suitable.

Got questions? We’ve got answers

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Frequently asked questions

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The application process

Get into your very own home in 4 simple steps


Make a Tembo plan

In under 10-minutes we’ll check your eligibility for a 5.5x Income Mortgage as well as our other buying schemes. Plus you’ll get a personalised mortgage recommendation including interest rates and repayments.


Talk to an expert

Book a call with our mortgage experts to complete the qualification process, and we’ll cover off any questions you might have about 5.5x Mortgages and any other schemes.


Apply for a mortgage

Once you’ve found a property, your dedicated advisor will undertake full affordability checks to prepare the mortgage application. Then we’ll submit it on your behalf!


Make home happen

During the conveyancing process, we’ll liaise with the seller and your solicitors to ensure a smooth purchase. We’ll also provide a free protection review for your insurance needs.

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