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Help your child buy a home of their own

We’re an award-winning mortgage broker on a mission to make home happen for a new generation of buyers. We help families support their children with buying a home, using specialist FCA regulated mortgages.

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How can Tembo help?

Tembo is a family-focused mortgage broker backed with investment from Aviva and Nationwide. 

Buying a home has never been harder. As house prices have skyrocketed, a new generation of homeowners have found themselves priced out of the property market. This means young adults are more reliant than ever on the financial support of their family. However, not all families are able to gift the considerable amounts required in cash.

Tembo offers alternative ways for first time buyers to purchase their home, without needing cash to hand.


Income Boost

If your loved one has saved up some deposit but their maximum borrowing is too low to get a suitable mortgage, an Income Boost mortgage could be for you. These products - known as Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor mortgages - enable Boosters to add their income to the buyer's mortgage to increase affordability.

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Why use an Income Boost?

  • Helps to bridge the affordability gap

    Even once a buyer has saved a minimum 5% deposit, many find that they aren't eligible for a mortgage. This is because of the affordability gap in the UK. An Income Boost can fix this problem. It's suitable for those who already have a deposit saved, but can’t afford a large enough mortgage.

  • A temporary way to lend your support

    An Income Boost is designed to be a stepping stone - a temporary support as the buyer gets a foot on the ladder. When their circumstances change (e.g. they get a payrise), and the mortgage is affordable alone, the Booster can come off the mortgage.

  • No stamp duty surcharge

    With a Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor mortgage only the buyer has their name on the property deeds, meaning that you would not be liable for 3% stamp duty surcharge.

  • Family mortgage specialists

    Income Boosts are bespoke products that are only offered by certain lenders. A whole variety of factors are considered, including income, pensions, affordability, age and credit. Our mortgage experts are well versed in these applications & finding the best deals.

Deposit Boost

If your loved one is struggling to save a large enough deposit and you own a home, a Deposit Boost could be the answer. By unlocking money from your property in an affordable & ethical way, you could get them on the ladder faster and help them make big savings in interest.

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Why use a Deposit Boost?

  • A quicker way to build a deposit

    Saving for a deposit takes an average of 8 years. A Deposit Boost helps buyers build a deposit quickly so they can get on the ladder. With rent often more expensive than mortgage repayments, this means money stays in the family, rather than going to landlords.

  • A bigger deposit unlocks lower mortgage interest rates

    By increasing your buyer's deposit you could help them unlock much lower mortgage interest rates. This could save your loved one thousands of pounds vs the alternative - our average Deposit Boost customer saves £14,000 in interest charges alone.

  • Inheritance tax benefits

    Gifting your loved one a sum of money earlier in their lives not only helps them, but it could also reduce your inheritance tax liability in the years to come. Seek advice from a tax advisor to consider this benefit further.

  • You aren't responsible for the buyer's mortgage

    Unlike most guarantor mortgage options, you aren't liable for the buyer's mortgage should they run into issues. The Deposit Boost is a separate product, meaning you are responsible for paying that loan, but not the buyer's mortgage. So you can unlock the money you'd like to gift, and rest easy.

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Why use Tembo?

We’re specialists in family support mortgages. Our smart technology will help find you the optimum solution for your family and our expert family mortgage advisors are at the end of the telephone to help you all the way through.


Access to a range of lenders

We have access to thousands of products from over 100 lenders to find the perfect deal for you and your family.


Recognised and trusted

We're proud to be backed with investment by two of the most established and reputable names in the business - Aviva and Nationwide.


Loved by our customers

We're rated 'Excellent' on Trustpilot, and our main source of customers is through word of mouth referral.


One dedicated broker

You'll have one expert by your family's side from hello to move in day.


FCA regulated

We're authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


No upfront fees

We don't charge a fee for our service until you've got a mortgage offer from your lender.

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"Tembo managed to get us a mortgage in under a month"

Ours wasn't a straightforward case, but Tembo managed to get us a mortgage approved in a little under a month. In over 4 months with another company they didn't get us anywhere near. Both Mark and I would like to thank Geraldine!




"Five star service"

Tembo's personal, respectful and timely advice, and the manner in which our meetings were managed was five star. Kirsty really took the time to listen and acknowledge what we needed. Her advice was invaluable.


Mr P


"I'm so happy to have been able to help my family"

Our daughter found a house but there was a shortfall in what the mortgage advisor said she could borrow. There was a few weeks of panic and we came across Tembo. They arranged a joint borrower loan and she got the house. So happy to have been able to help our family.


Mrs G


"Friendly, effective, efficient"

Friendly, effective, efficient, super helpful, what more can you ask for? My daughter and I took a joint borrower sole proprietor mortgage, enabling her to purchase her first home. Without the advice from Shahid she would not have been able to do this, and as a parent it's great that I was able to provide support and feel fully confident.




"We are now proud homeowners!"

Absolutely thrilled & overjoyed!!! From my first contact with Tembo I was amazed just how smooth everything went, it almost seemed to good to be true! Kirsty overcame all the challenges I thought were impossible to solve. I waited til completion before submitting feedback so I can truly certify we went from start to finish. All in all about 100 days... we are now proud home owners!




"I don't think we could have got through without them"

I don't think we could have got through what seemed like a very complex process without them. Shahid reassured us that we were doing the right thing at the right times to get the best possible outcome.




Award-winning mortgage advice

We won Best Mortgage Broker and Best Newcomer at
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A downloadable guide that outlines the product details, risks and benefits

We’ve put together a guide to help you better understand the options, what the risks and costs are to you and how they could work for your family. 

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