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Boost your affordability with Tembo so you can remortgage

Struggling to afford your new monthly payments or unable to borrow what you need? You're in the right place. We're experts at helping homeowners boost their affordability to access lower rates, or increase what they can borrow.

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Discover how much you can really borrow.


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With rising interest rates and tightening affordability rules, many homeowners are struggling to remortgage onto a new deal. Luckily there are options out there to help you. To see what options you're eligible for and to book in a call with one of our mortgage experts, create a free Tembo plan.

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How to increase your affordability

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Income Boost remortgage

Add a loved one's earnings to yours as a guarantor to boost your affordability, helping you to remortgage onto a new deal and possibly borrow more.

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Interest only mortgage

Reduce your monthly costs by changing to an interest-only mortgage. This can be a short-term solution when budgets are stretched, and could help you increase your borrowing.

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Part and part mortgage

Reduce your monthly costs by switching to a part interest, part capital mortgage, while still chipping away at your loan. Because your monthly costs will be less, you could afford to borrow more.

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Extend your loan term

By extending your mortgage term, you can pay less each month, but over a longer term. You’ll pay more interest overall, but you don’t have to stick with the longer term indefinitely. Because your monthly costs will be less, you could also borrow more.

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Improve your credit score

Having a low credit rating can limit your mortgage options and result in you being offered much higher rates. By improving your score in the run-up to your remortgage, you could access better rates or be able to borrow more.

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Why Tembo?

We help buyers, movers and homeowners discover how they could boost their affordability in 3 simple steps. It’s why we’re the UK’s Best Mortgage Broker.


5* rated and thousands of happy customers

The application process

4 simple steps to remortgaging with Tembo

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Make a Tembo plan

Create your own Tembo plan to book in a free, no-obligation call with one of our award-winning team. They can then see what remortgage rates and deals you are eligible for from a range of schemes.


Talk to an expert

Once the Tembo team have completed the qualification process, we’ll cover off any questions you might have about any of the remortgage deals we advise on.


Apply for a new deal

Next, your dedicated advisor will undertake full affordability checks to prepare the mortgage application. Then we’ll submit it on your behalf!


Make the switch

Your Tembo advisor will be on hand to ensure everything runs smoothly, so you can move onto your new deal as quickly as possible.

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