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Unaffordable Buy to Let

Buy to Let

Is your Buy to Let unaffordable?

Have you been hit by mortgage rate increases? Is it becoming hard to cover the repayments for your Buy to Let mortgage? Create a free Tembo plan to see how you could make your monthly costs more mangeable, including tactics like remortgaging onto a new deal or top slicing.

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How to remortgage your Buy to Let

Landlords have had to contend with more and more restrictions over the last few years, and with recent increases in mortgage rates there are many who are struggling. If you're finding you can no longer afford your Buy to Let mortgage, you might be thinking of selling up. But there are options out there worth considering first.

One option is to remortgage your Buy to Let property and move over to a better interest rate or reduce your loan size by putting down a larger downpayment. If these aren't an option, you can also go for a top slicing mortgage. This is when your personal income is factored into affordability assessments when your rental income isn't sufficient to cover your mortgage repayments.

As an experienced mortgage broker, we can help you find all the ways you could make your Buy to Let mortgage more affordable.

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Things to consider

All mortgages have risks and benefits. Here are some key things you should know before remortgaging your Buy to Let property.


What are the benefits?

Accomodate mortgage rate rises

When mortgage interest rates rise, moving to a new deal or top slicing could be a way to make the repayments on your Buy to Let mortgage more affordable.

Keep your Buy to Let property

By remortgaging your Buy to Let property to a top slicing mortgage or new Buy to Let deal, you could avoid having to sell your property and keep your property investment.

Risks and considerations

Limited lender options

Each lender has their own approach to top slicing and Buy to Let mortgages, and some have very strict criteria or may not offer them at all. This can make it difficult to find a lender who will approve your Buy to Let remortgage.

Some properties do not qualify

Some lenders will not accept a new build or HMO (house of multiple occupants) for a top slice mortgage. First time buyer landlords may also be not accepted by certain lenders.

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The application process

Switch to a new Buy to Let mortgage deal in 4 simple steps.

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Make a Tembo plan

Create your own Tembo plan to see all the ways you could make your Buy to Let mortgage more affordable, including options like top slicing. Then, book in a free, no-obligation call with one of our award-winning team to talk through your options.


Talk to an expert

Once the Tembo team have completed the qualification process, we’ll cover off any questions you might have about any of the Buy to Let remortgage deals we advise on.


Apply for a new deal

Next, your dedicated advisor will undertake full affordability checks to prepare the mortgage application. Then we’ll submit it on your behalf!


Make the switch

Your Tembo advisor will be on hand to ensure everything runs smoothly, so you can move onto your new deal as quickly as possible.

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