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Get a home of your own with a Sharia compliant mortgage

Tembo is an award-winning mortgage broker specialising in buying schemes that offer alternative ways to get on the ladder. We can refer you to a range of home purchase plans which are Sharīʿah-law compliant to help you get a place of your own.

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Schemes are certified Sharīʿah compliant


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What are Sharia compliant mortgages?

Sometimes called Islamic Mortgages or Sharia-law compliant mortgages are technically not mortgages. Instead, they are normally home purchase plans that help you buy a home in a way that doesn’t involve paying interest or taking out a loan. You'll agree to purchase a share of the home, then buy more of it over time.

Islamic mortgage alternatives are complex products, so it's worth talking to experts like our award-winning team to help you find the right scheme for you.

To get started, create a free Tembo plan - it takes 10 minutes to complete, and there's no credit check involved. At the end, you'll get a personalised recommendation of all the Sharia compliant buying schemes you're eligible for. You can also book in a call with one of our team to talk through your options.

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What truly sets Tembo apart is their personalised approach. They took the time to understand our unique situation, financial standing, and aspirations. With their guidance, we secured a plan tailored to our needs, allowing us to comfortably manage our monthly payments without compromising on our dream home's quality.


Mr & Mrs Surani

Tembo customers

Why Tembo?

We help buyers, movers and homeowners discover how they could boost their affordability in 3 simple steps. It’s why we’re the UK’s Best Mortgage Broker.


Explore approved Sharia compliant buying schemes

All of the Sharia compliant schemes listed below are approved by either the Islamic Council of Europe or Amanah Advisors. To see which of these you could be eligible for, create a Tembo plan today.

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Borrow up to 6.5x your income with StrideUp's smart home purchase plan. You'll buy the share of the home you can afford now, and StrideUp will co-purchase the remainder. Over time, you'll build up your equity stake through the monthly payments to gradually increase the amount of the property you own.

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Your Home

Your Home's part buy, part rent scheme lets you buy a share of a home, then pay rent on the rest. You can choose to purchase more of the home over time or sell your share, benefitting from any property value gains. Plus, you're entitled to 50% of the value increase on the share you didn't buy, too.


Through Wayhome's Gradual Homeownership scheme, you could live in a home worth 10x your income. You'll buy a share of the property then pay rent on the rest, choosing to buy more of the property each month or in lump sums when you're ready.

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The application process

4 simple steps to getting the keys to your new home


Make a Tembo plan

Check your eligibility for a range of Islamic mortgages and Sharīʿah compliant schemes and get a personalised recommendation in under 10-minutes.


Talk to an expert

Book a call with our experts to kickstart the qualification process and cover off any questions you might have about any of the Sharia compliant buying schemes. Once you’ve chosen an Islamic mortgage provider we’ll refer you over to them, introducing you to your new account manager to complete the process. 


Find a property

The account manager from your Islamic mortgage provider will finish off the qualification process, and then it’s time to find a home! You'll need to ensure the property you choose meets the provider's requirements, but your account manager will be on hand to support you throughout the search.


Make home happen

Once you’ve found a property, your account manager will work with you and your chosen conveyancer to purchase the home outright.

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