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Self-employed? Get a mortgage with Tembo.

If you're struggling to get the mortgage you need with your self employed salary, try Tembo. Our average buyer boosts their budget by £82,000.

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Getting a self employed mortgage with Tembo

Tembo can help if you're struggling with affording the mortgage you need.

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How Tembo works

  • Get a personalised recommendation

    Complete a plan in under 10 minutes and get a personalised recommendation. Our technology will generate you a mortgage illustration detailing monthly mortgage payments, indicative interest rates and details of how our boosts could help increase your budget.

  • Book a call with our team

    Book a call with one of our customer success team. They'll be on hand to answer any questions you might have, and take you through the details of what you could afford. The call will be around 15 minutes, and can be as informal as you want!

  • Get a mortgage with Tembo

    Your assigned advisor will work with you to get your mortgage in place. You'll be able to contact them directly to keep up to date on your mortgage application.


Introducing the Income Boost

An Income Boost mortgage, also known as Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor (JBSP) mortgage is a way of adding some or all of a family member or friend's income to a mortgage to increase the buyer's max borrowing.

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Introducing the Deposit Boost

Increase your deposit with a family remortgage. This service involves two separate mortgages. The first is a mortgage taken out by your family member or friend (the booster) on their property. The proceeds are then gifted to the buyer to put towards their house deposit. The second is a mortgage needed for the buyers home.

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You will need to have at least 1 years worth of accounts for our team to work with you.