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Tembo helps financial advisors protect assets under management

We help families fund the Bank of Mum and Dad through specialist lending such as Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor and Retirement Interest Only mortgages. This means your clients can help their families and you can protect your assets under management and build relationships with the next generation. Get in touch to see how we could help.

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Over the next 30 years £5.5 trillion is expected to be passed from baby boomers to younger generations. That's £500m per day.

This creates a number of problems for wealth managers and IFAs


Reduction in assets under management

Selling down investments means a reduction in clients assets under management


Loss of future client relationships

New relationships need to be built with the next generation of wealth owners


Potential for family conflict

There could be increased potential conflict over what is the best advice for each generation

How it works

Partnering with Tembo is simple, fast and you can trust that your client will get a five star experience from our expert team.

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Our customer journey in three simple stages

  • Referral

    Refer your client through our portal in under 5 minutes. We just need some basic information and confirmation that we can contact the client regarding their situation.

  • Advice & submission

    Our team will handle the advice process while providing regular updates. When a mortgage has been approved, we'll pay 50% of any commission we receive from the lender.

  • Protection & insurance

    When it comes to protection & insurance, there are a few available options. We'll return the customer to you for advice if that's preferable. Otherwise our expert team will provide advice.

How can Tembo help?


Protect assets under management

Your client wants to help their child buy a home. They suggest selling down some investments that are managed by you to release cash to gift or loan to them for a deposit.


Refer your client and their child to Tembo

As an alternative option to selling down investments, you refer your client to Tembo. Our specialist family mortgage experts will advise on alternative options for your client to help their child onto the property ladder


You advise on Life Insurance and Protection

Once the home purchase has been completed, you can opt for us to refer your client’s child back to you so you can advise on Life Insurance and Protection and build a relationship with the next generation

More about how we work

We are specialist family mortgage brokers with a focus on Deposit Boost & Income Boost mortgages. We help families fund the Bank of Mum and Dad from property or income, rather than selling investments or using cash

Income BoostDeposit Boost

Our Products

  • Deposit Boost

    A Deposit Boost unlocks cash from a willing family member's property. Proceeds are used to fund the homebuyer's mortgage deposit. The primary loan type used is a Retirement Interest Only mortgage combined with a standard mortgage for the homebuyer.

  • Income Boost Mortgage

    An Income Boost is a way for a family member or friend to allocate some of their income to their loved one’s mortgage application in order to increase the buyer’s borrowing potential - sometimes referred to as JBSP (Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor Mortgages).

What are the benefits for IFAs?

Protect Assets Under Management

  • Instead of selling down investments, Tembo could arrange a mortgage to help your client support their child

  • Based on an average annual fee of 0.8% for a £100,000 gift, that equates to £4,000 retained revenue for you over a 5 year period

  • We pay you commission

  • Tembo will pay a generous revenue split of the commission that we are paid by the lender

  • An average mortgage is £350,000. This means we generate £1,400 commission and give you a share of this on completion

  • Fees from protection and life insurance

  • We could refer the client back to you for protection and life insurance (ensuring you retain 100% of any commission)

  • Or, we could arrange the life insurance and give you 50% of the commission. Based on an average £500,000 policy, this would be a £540 referral fee

  • Some typical Tembo user cases

    Bank of Mum and Dad

    Any form of Bank of Mum and Dad withdrawal, including home purchase, renovations or payment of school or tuition fees.

    Repaying existing mortgage

    We help families with outstanding mortgages at retirement age, where the alternative is to sell down assets to repay a loan.  

    Divorce and separation

    We work with a large number of couples going through breakups where they are looking for a solution to retain the family home with support from their wider family.

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    Mrs. Hill wants to give her two children support to buy a home. Instead of selling investments, she uses Tembo's Deposit Boost to unlock money from her property.

    Deposit Boost Example

    Got Questions?

    Email our Head of Partnerships, Steve Nobes, to discuss any questions you have around the process, or for an update on a client's progress. You can contact Steve here, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


    Mr. and Mrs. Ward want to help their daughter buy her first house. Instead of selling their investments, they use Tembo's Income Boost to increase their daughter's affordability.

    Income Boost Example

    More about Tembo

    We're turning the tide on homeownership .


    Specialist family brokers

    Tembo are a specialist family and later life lending company with experience of advising on complex family-based mortgage and lending products


    Backed by the best

    We are backed with investment from leading financial institutions including Aviva


    No competition

    We do not offer any investment services, so there is no competition or threat to your core wealth management and financial advice business


    No equity release

    We do not offer equity release or lifetime mortgages. We are focused on advising on alternative later life and family lending products


    Quick solutions

    Our smart technology platform allows us to provide the best advice and give the quickest and most appropriate solution for your clients


    Loved by our customers

    We have very happy customers. Most of our customers were unable to buy a home until they found Tembo. 


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