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Get fee-free advice (usually £749) from Aviva's chosen mortgage specialist. Tembo is an award-winning mortgage broker whose technology platform is helping buyers find their true house budget. Discover how much you could borrow in under 10-minutes,

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With an Income Boost, you could borrow up to £173,000 That means with Tembo, you could aim for a home worth £183,000.

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With an Deposit Boost, you could borrow up to £323,000 That means with Tembo, you could aim for a home worth £333,000.

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As a specialist broker we normally charge a fee, but we're offering our service free of charge for Aviva My WorkPlace users.

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Five reasons to choose Tembo

Discover why our award-winning team are the mortgage broker of choice for buyers across the UK.

Boost your income

An Income Boost, also known as joint borrower sole proprietor mortgage, is an innovative way of adding some or all of a family member or friend's income to your mortgage. This increases your affordability - that's the amount a lender will let you borrow.

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Key benefits

  • You can buy the home you love

    By combining up to four income sources, an Income Boost can significantly increase your borrowing potential. That might mean a spare bedroom, outdoor space, or even enable you to get your first set of keys.

  • It's a temporary form of family support

    An Income Boost is a temporary support as you're getting onto the property ladder. When your circumstances change - let's say because you get a payrise - the Booster can come off the mortgage.

  • Your loved ones won't be out of pocket

    Providing you don't need help making repayments, there's no need for your Booster to dip into cash savings to help you. They also won't be on the deeds of the property, so won't restrict any stamp duty relief.

Increase your deposit

With a Deposit Boost, your family member can use the equity they've built up over the years in their own home to help you buy yours. Using a remortgage or specialist mortgage, we'll unlock money from their home to be gifted to you as a deposit.

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Key benefits

  • You'll increase your buying budget

    As your house deposit increases, so does your overall buying budget. So whether you're limited by your deposit, or your affordability is a little tight, a Deposit Boost can help to bolster your buying power.

  • Reap the benefits of buying sooner

    Struggling to save a 5% deposit? A Deposit Boost could speed up the process, getting you on the property ladder sooner. So you can start building your own wealth - paying your own mortgage, not your landlord's!

  • Keep your booster's support separate

    Your Booster's remortgage is entirely separate from your own purchase mortgage. This means your credit profiles remain separate, and neither party is responsible for the other's repayments.


Mind the generational wealth gap

Read our latest white paper to learn more about how the generational wealth gap is impacting buyers today, and how we can address this through family support.