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Tembo is an Aviva-backed mortgage broker, advising on a range of standard & specialist mortgages to help customers at all stages of their lives. Saltus clients will receive an exclusive discount of 50% on our fees - a saving of up to £499.

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An FCA regulated mortgage brokerage based in London Bridge, we are proud to partner with Saltus to help their clients achieve their financial objectives. We've built our name on finding financially savvy mortgage solutions that take a holistic view of not only an individual's assets, but also the wider family's position.

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Getting a mortgage can be a stressful ordeal, especially as a director. There are so many hurdles to jump through and from previous experience it is usually very hard. Not this time! Tembo made me feel at ease from the start, guided me through the process and got the exact outcome I wanted.

E. Nicholls

Experts in finding a way

Whatever the circumstance, we pride ourselves on finding a way for our customers. We can advise on all purchases and remortgages, and also specialise in the following scenarios.

Later life lending

If your clients are looking to take out a mortgage or release equity in retirement (or as they approach it), we can advise on a range of specialist retirement mortgage products.

Family mortgages

Protect your client's savings & investments, while enabling them to support a child's purchase. These specialist mortgages use a a parent's existing assets to increase the buyer's affordability.

Buy-to-let portfolios

For clients with complex buy-to-let portfolios, we can assist with remortgages, let-to-buy mortgages and more to maximise their property assets.

Equity transfers

If your client is going through a divorce or separation, and is trying to stay in the family home, we can support with specialist mortgages to increase affordability as well as the transfer of equity.

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