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Struggling to afford the home you love? Try Tembo.

Voted the UK's Best Mortgage Broker, we're on a mission to help those struggling with affordability to buy the home they love. We've partnered with Kotini to help you find a solution to boost your budget, whether you're struggling with your deposit, or you can't get a big enough mortgage.

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British Bank awards 2023 Best Mortgage Broker winner

A path to homeownership may be closer to home than you think

It's never been harder to buy a home. Staggering house prices paired with stagnating wages has meant more and more first time buyers are locked out of the property market. That's why we've developed a home buying platform that can show you every option on the market designed to boost your affordability. From family guarantor mortgages, to Shared Ownership, to private equity loans, our award winning team can find a solution for you.


Boost your budget in under 10 minutes

Tembo is the only place where you can have access to every single mortgage scheme designed to increase the amount you could afford. Whether you're struggling to raise a large enough deposit, or your income is too low to get the mortgage amount you need, our plan can show you a range of options that could help you get your dream home. Whether you're looking to buy with family support, or an alternative to the government's Help to Buy scheme - Tembo has you covered.


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How Tembo works

From first call to completion, you'll have a dedicated expert by your side.

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Get into your dream home in three steps

  • Make a Tembo plan

    In under 10 minutes you can make a plan, and receive a personalised mortgage recommendation. This will include details of all the budget boosting schemes you're eligible for, plus indicative monthly payments and interest rates. Once you've made a plan you can book in a call with one of our customer success team.

  • First call

    Our customer success team will run through your plan with you to give you a little bit more detail about how exactly we can help you buy your home. This is an opportunity for you to ask any questions you might have - our award winning team are all ears!

  • Start your mortgage application

    We’ll assign you to a dedicated broker, who will work with you to find the right mortgage. Once you’ve found it, they’ll submit the application for you so you can get into your dream home.

Five reasons to choose Tembo

Watch this short video to discover why our award-winning team are the broker of choice for families across the UK.

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Make a plan to get to grips with all the budget boosting schemes out there.

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