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Buy your first home in London with Tembo.

Tembo can help buyers who are struggling to save a large enough deposit or failing affordability. With a Deposit Boost, we'll release money from a family member's home to increase the size of your deposit. Getting you into your Pocket Living home faster, and saving you money on interest.

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How a Deposit Boost can help

4 out of 5 first-time buyers are rejected for a mortgage on their first attempt. A Deposit Boost can help you meet affordability requirements and access better deals.

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Use a Deposit Boost to...

  • Increase your deposit size

    Saving for a deposit is tough. If you're struggling to meet the 15% minimum that is needed to buy a Pocket Living flat, a Deposit Boost can increase your deposit so you can buy sooner and avoid years of saving.

  • Unlock better deals

    A larger deposit can mean you are able to access lower interest rates. In fact, our average Deposit Boost user saves £14,000 over 5 years in interest fees alone. That's more money for you, less for the banks.

  • Meet affordability requirements

    Most lenders will let you borrow between 4-5x your total income, but rising house prices mean there’s a huge affordability gap for most buyers. A larger deposit can fill that gap, without you needing to wait for a payrise.

The Bank of Mum and Dad, but not as you know it.

In 2021, a record £10 billion was lent to first-time buyers from their parents to help them get on the ladder. But what about families who don't have access to cash lump sums? This is where a Deposit Boost can help.

During the last 30 years, house prices in the UK have quadrupled. With over 75% of housing wealth belonging to over 50s, there's a growing generational divide. By helping families to release some of the equity that has built up in their properties, and pass it on to younger generations, we can level the playing field.



per month*

Based on a 2.59% interest rate

*Numbers shown are calculated based on a Retirement Interest Only Family Help To Buy. They are illustrative only and do not constitute advice.

A Deposit Boost starts from as little as £22 p/m 


Monthly payments start from as little as £22 to access £10,000. Plus, our mortgage brokers will run affordability checks for the Booster to be sure the Deposit Boost is suitable.

Let’s see a Deposit Boost in action

Discover how Alex was able to get on the property ladder with the help of his mum, Sally.

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Why Tembo?

Just a few of the reasons Tembo is the broker to help you.


Experts in boosting budgets

Our average Boost customer increased their overall budget by £64,000. We're experts in finding a way when traditional affordability has failed.


Whole of market access

Our brokers will compare 20,000 products from over 100 lenders to find the right deal for you and your family.


FCA authorised & regulated

Plus, our friendly mortgage brokers are CeMAP qualified to give you expert advice on even the most complex products.

Join over 20,000 customers

Read our reviews to find out why our customers rate us as 'Excellent' on Trustpilot.

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“Our experience of Tembo has been amazing! Their website is so easy to use, we were able to set up our initial appointments within a couple of days, and everyone we have spoken to has been so helpful, friendly and knowledgeable.”




“My experience with Tembo has been great, they were the only broker who could get me the mortgage I was looking for.”




“My broker Sandra has truly been fantastic. I cant thank her enough She has made this process as a first time buyer feel so seamless in comparison to the horror stories i have heard from others who did not use a broker. I would 100% recommend Sandra and Tembo!”




“Great service, absolutely perfect for a first time buyer like myself. Eliminated a lot of the pain points you get with the hassle of finding a mortgage. Would recommend to all first time buyers!!!”





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