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Buy a home, on your own with a single mortgage

Buying a house on your own can feel like an impossible task. Luckily, there are a range of options available to boost your borrowing and help you buy solo. Get advice from the UK's Best Mortgage Broker 2022 & 2023.

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Ultimately, most lenders aren't concerned with how many applicants are on a mortgage. All they care about is whether it's affordable, which is no mean feat on a single income. So if you're a single buyer, it's important you speak to an affordability expert. Our technology helps buyers, movers and remortgage customers to discover their true buying budget from over 100 lenders and 17 specialist schemes.

Create a Tembo recommendation to find out what you can borrow alone with a standard solo mortgage, as well as how a guarantor could boost your affordability, and check if you're eligible for any more niche schemes that could support your mortgage application. All in under 10-minutes.

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"Inexperienced single applicant. I could not be buying a house without the help of the team at Tembo. The way they have worked for me over the last moth has been incredible and so personable too! Thank you Ash, Jayne and Kirsty."


Caroline Clare

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Being single doesn't have to mean house sharing forever. Get your single mortgage underway in 3 simple steps


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Interest rates are changing rapidly, and mortgages are making headlines. Stay on top of a changing market with our live interest rate tracker for standard single applicant mortgages, as well as guarantor options that can increase your borrowing.

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