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Tembo specialises in a range of guarantor mortgages and specialist lending products. If your loved one is struggling to make their first steps onto the ladder, book a call with one of our award winning team to learn more about our products and how they could help.

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The average age of a first time buyer in the UK is 34.

Due to rising property prices and stagnating wages, younger people have been struggling to save a big enough deposit or meet affordability requirements to get onto the property ladder. By either adding a family member's income to a buyer's mortgage application or releasing some equity that has built up in an existing property, you can help your loved ones make their first steps to homeownership, without having to gift cash.


Regulated by the FCA. Rated excellent on Trustpilot. Voted the UK's Best Mortgage Broker.

Just a few reasons why you should use Tembo.


We're directly authorised by the FCA

We are authorised by the FCA, and also benefit from third party oversight. You and your loved one are in safe hands with our in house compliance team.


We're rated 5 stars on Trustpilot

Our customers absolutely love us, and it shows in our reviews. We are rated excellent on Trustpilot - a testament to our teams clear communication and hard work.


We're the UK's Best Mortgage Broker

Our customers voted us the UK's Best Mortgage Broker at the 2022 British Bank Awards. Oh, and we were also voted Best Newcomer too.

Just some of the things our customers have been saying about us...

Superb service

My daughter started her own business and with only a year or so of accounts it was difficult to find a mortgage product. Adam Walker and Hannah O'Bryan at Tembo worked very hard to find a mortgage for us. We were a challenging case but they kept at it. Finally got over the line yesterday with a mortgage offer secured 👌. They earned every penny of their fee. Excellent communication from experienced and enthusiastic people. I can highly recommend Tembo 👍




Made my dreams possible

Honestly, made my dream possible with the help of my parents. Fantastic help, advice and detailed explanations and summaries from Andy and Lauren. Andy has been very helpful, put up with all our questions. Provided us with his personal advice and advised on the best options we have. Provided us with useful documents with breakdowns of all costs and mortgage re-payments that were all very easily readable. Cannot thank them enough for all their hard work, time and effort.


Megan Thurston


Didn't know this was possible

My mum came across Tembo and their Income Boost. We had a call with Hannah to see if there was a way mum's income could support our application, and managed to speak to a broker the next day. The additional budget we get from the Income Boost is a game changer in our property search. It means we can buy in the area we want to. Thank you Hannah & Shahid!




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We have access to over 100 lenders, so we can find your loved one the best deal going.

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We advise on specialist family mortgages

Our brokers can advise you and your loved one on a range of different products that are designed to boost a buyer's budget.

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Our specialist mortgages

  • Income Boost

    Otherwise known as a Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor mortgage, an Income Boost is a way to increase the amount a buyer can borrow. This means that the buyer is more likely to be affordable for the property they want to buy. The Booster will not be named on the deeds of the property, but will be jointly liable for the mortgage repayments. If the buyer is unable to make one of the monthly payments, the Booster would have to step in.

  • Deposit Boost

    This service involves two separate mortgages. The first is a mortgage taken out by the Booster on their property. The proceeds are then gifted to the buyer to put towards their house deposit. The second is a mortgage needed for the buyers home. With a Retirement Interest Only mortgage, payments for the Booster can start at £50 to gift the buyer £10,000. The Booster will need to have either paid off their mortgage in full, or have at least 60% remaining.

  • Guarantor Mortgages

    We also advise on traditional guarantor mortgages. You can support your loved one's mortgage application by using your savings or property as security against the mortgage. This means that the buyer can afford a larger mortgage than they could by themselves. It's important to bear in mind if the buyer misses mortgage payments, the lender may hold onto the Booster's savings for longer, or force the Booster to sell their property.

Why become a Booster?

Our CEO Richard Dana explains the benefits of acting as a Booster.

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Make a plan and our technology will generate you details of what your loved one could afford with your support. The plan will also generate monthly repayments and indicative interest rates. From there you can book a call with one of our team to discuss further.

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