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Help your loved one buy a home of their own

Voted Britain’s Best Mortgage Broker 2022, we specialise in helping families support a loved one's house purchase using their income, pension, property or savings. Create a personalised Tembo plan to discover how you could help.

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How Tembo can help

Young adults have found themselves priced out of the property market, stuck living at the family home or renting. To buy, most need help from the Bank of Mum and Dad. However, not all families can gift a cash deposit.

Tembo is an FCA regulated mortgage broker backed with investment from Aviva. We specialise in family assisted mortgages, such as an Income Boost, where a guarantor's income is used to increase the buyer's affordability.

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We advise on a range of options

Explore some of the family assisted schemes our specialist team advises on below.

Income Boost

Add some of your earnings to the buyer's household income, so they can borrow more. As long as they make their repayments, you won’t need to contribute financially.

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Dynamic Income Boost

This works in the same way as the Income Boost, but with this version you can choose to build up an equity stake in the property by contributing to the monthly repayments.

Savings as Security

By providing your cash savings as security, your child can get a 0% deposit mortgage. As long as they make their repayments, at the end of a fixed term you’ll get your savings back, plus interest.

Deposit Loan

Loan your loved one a house deposit. You can either provide an interest-free loan, or take an equity stake in their home that rises or falls in line with the price of their property.

Deposit Boost

If you’re a homeowner, release money from your home and give the proceeds as a gifted deposit. With a larger deposit, they’ll boost their affordability & could access lower interest rates.

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