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Increase your buying budget with help from your family

If you're struggling to afford your dream David Wilson Homes property, try Tembo. We're an award-winning mortgage broker, advising on a range of family mortgages that boost budgets by an average £82,000. Plus, we've waived our fees especially for DWH customers.

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Average £82,000 boost to affordability


David Wilson Homes customers save up to £749

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How your family can help

With your loved one's support, there are a few different ways they can help you buy sooner, or increase your buying budget.

With their income

An Income Boost, also known as joint borrower sole proprietor mortgage, is an innovative way of adding some or all of a family member or friend's income to your mortgage. This increases your affordability - that's the amount a lender will let you borrow. But importantly, they don't have ownership of the property, so any first-time buyer relief isn't impacted, and the home is in your name. As soon as the mortgage is affordable for you in the future, your Booster can come off the mortgage.

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With their property

Add to your deposit savings or build a deposit from scratch with a Deposit Boost. This involves two separate mortgages. The first is taken out by a family member against their own property in order to release some money. This is often done using a retirement mortgage which keeps monthly repayments low. The proceeds are given to you as a gifted deposit, and we'll arrange the mortgage. It's a savvy way to utilise family equity, without needing to touch savings or investments.

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With their savings

If you're struggling to save a house deposit, but your family member has cash in savings they could use - a savings as security mortgage could be the answer. Your loved one will place 10% of the property value into a savings account with your mortgage lender. That money is held for 5-years, during which time you'll build up equity in your home. Providing you've made your monthly repayments, at the end of the 5-years, your loved one will get their money back, plus any interest that has built up.

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Your Tembo journey begins here

Complete a mortgage recommendation to discover your true buying budget and get the ball rolling. You'll join thousands of happy Tembo customers. Just check out our Trustpilot reviews to see for yourself.

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Within 2-weeks they had my mortgage agreed. Contrast that with my previous advisor who, after 6-7 weeks, said he couldn’t get me anything. I can move on with my life thanks to them. Before it was looking like a hopeless situation. Hand on heart, the best decision I made for my future.


Ewan McDonald