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Say hello to some of our brand new home owners

Meet a few folks who have used Tembo to get on the ladder and see how our Income Boost and Deposit Boost works in action.


Meet Rachel

An assistant psychologist priced out of the London property market.

Living at home for 3 years trying to save for a deposit, Rachel was desperate to move out of the family home.

Meet Rachel

Meet Tim

A first time buyer struggling to save a deposit.

After decades of renting, Tim's mum helped him buy his first place.

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The fosters

Meet the Fosters

Parents who want to help their daughters buy.

Seeing their kids struggle to save despite living back at the family home, the Fosters stepped in.

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Stella & Pieter

Meet Stella & Pieter

A young couple trying to buy their first home in London

After five years of saving, the couple still couldn't afford to buy in the capital. Enter Tembo!

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