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We are specialists in family mortgages and alternative later life lending

We can help your customers with complex JBSP and RIO mortgages and private help to buy schemes, saving you time whilst earning you income.

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How can we help you?

If you have a customer who fits one of these criteria then please submit them using the form below

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  • Would like to help a family member buy a home

    A parent or family member who would like to help their child buy a home without using cash or savings. We would consider Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor and alternative later life products including Retirement Interest Only mortgages to use property equity to increase their deposit.

  • Is a homebuyer without family support

    A customer who already has 5% deposit saved but needs to increase the size of their deposit to buy their property. We would consider a range of private help to buy schemes including Proportunity, Even, Wayhome and Ahauz.

  • Exploring alternatives to Lifetime Mortgages

    Is a homeowner considering releasing equity from their property, but interested in exploring options such as later life repayment or interest only mortgages instead of Lifetime Mortgages or Home Reversion plans.

How does it work?

1. Complete the referral form and book a meeting for your client with one of our experts.

2. We will pay you an upfront fee of £100 per appointment with one of our advisors. We will then pay 50% of any commission we receive from the lender, if a mortgage is agreed and submitted.

3. We will keep you updated on your customer's progress throughout the process. We will also return the customer to you for any Protection of Life Insurance plans.  If you would prefer not to do this we will share 50% of the commission on any policy we arrange with them.


Key criteria

In order for your clients to be eligible for Tembo, we ask that they meet certain criteria



We require that all parties on the mortgage (both the homebuyer and the supporting family member) have good credit. This means they should not have any history of adverse credit, including CCJs and IVAs.


Deposit Boost

The supporting family member will need to own more than 50% equity in a property. The supporting family member will need to have a current or future pension income in excess of £15,000. There is no upper age limit.


Income Boost

The homebuyer will need to have at least a 5% deposit, and the supporting family member will need to be under 65 years old. The supporting family member will need to have a current or future pension income in excess of £15,000.

Any questions?

For further information, please email partnerships@tembomoney.com.

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