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Increase your buying budget, without needing a payrise

A Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor mortgage is a way of adding some or all of a family member or friend's income to your mortgage to increase your maximum borrowing. That's why we call it an Income Boost at Tembo.

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Benefits of a Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor mortgage

  • Buy the home you really love

    By combining up to four income sources, an Income Boost can significantly increase your borrowing potential. So there's no need to compromise on your dream home or your dream location.

  • A stepping stone to doing it alone

    An Income Boost is a temporary support for buyers as they are getting onto the property ladder. When your circumstances change (i.e you get a pay rise), the Booster can come off the mortgage!

  • Your family won't be out of pocket

    With an Income Boost there's no need for a Booster to dip into cash savings or investments to help you. They won't be on the deeds of the property, meaning there's no stamp duty liability. Bear in mind that the Booster will need to step in to make monthly payments, should you be unable to do so.

How a JBSP works

This short video shows you how an Income Boost (or JBSP) could get you into your dream place.

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Very supportive and informative

Used Tembo for buying my first house. Even during testing times with interest rates Ash was very professional and gave me good, honest advice. He answered calls out of hours and even during holidays to ensure my deal got over the line. The whole team have been great to work with and very useful especially being a first time buyer and not knowing a great deal about the process.


Finlay Collinson


Great service, advice and support

My daughter and I took a joint borrower sole proprietar mortgage enabling her to purchase her first home. Without the advice from Shahid she would not have been able to do this and as a parent it's great that I was able to provide support and feel fully confident in doing this.


Karen C


A real game changer and disruptor

A real game changer and disrupter. Like many young people I thought home ownership in London was out of reach but what Tembo are offering is closing the generational gap on property ownership. Not only that, but the staff were amazing and we had every faith that they were going to help us achieve our dreams. Thank you immensely to Allie who was fantastic , diligent and proactive and Hannah for getting the mortgage over the line.


New member


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