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Looking to buy in London? Try Tembo.

Tembo offers a range of Boosts to either increase your deposit, or increase the amount you could borrow. Create a free plan to find out what you could afford and how a Boost could increase your total budget.

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The average London deposit is £132,000 (meaning that the average buyer would have to save for 55 years if they saved £200 a month).

Our Boosts can get you into your dream home, quicker.

Tembo is championing a new way forward. To build a more equitable future, and to help a new generation of buyers get a foot on the ladder with the help of their loved ones.

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Tembo's Boosts

  • Income Boost

    An Income Boost is a way for a family member or friend to allocate some of their income to their loved one’s mortgage application in order to increase the buyer’s borrowing potential. With the average house price being 7.5 times the average income, an Income Boost can increase the amount you could borrow.

  • Deposit Boost

    A Deposit Boost is a way for a family member or friend to unlock money from their property to help their loved one get on the ladder with a gifted deposit. On average, Tembo saves home-buyers £8,704 in interest fees with a Deposit Boost.

How Tembo works

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With an Income Boost, you could borrow up to £173,000 That means with Tembo, you could aim for a home worth £183,000.

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With an Deposit Boost, you could borrow up to £323,000 That means with Tembo, you could aim for a home worth £333,000.

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Why Tembo?

Buyers are being priced out. We're here to change that.


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From Aviva to Nationwide we’ve won support and investment from the biggest names in finance.


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We're proud to be rated Excellent on Trustpilot.

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“Our experience of Tembo has been amazing! Their website is so easy to use, we were able to set up our initial appointments within a couple of days, and everyone we have spoken to has been so helpful, friendly and knowledgeable.”



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“We had a fantastic experience with Tembo. We really appreciated the pragmatic and straight-forward advice on our various options. Can't recommend Tembo more highly.”



London buyer


After 5 years of saving Stella and Pieter were still struggling to buy in London. Tembo helped them onto the ladder with a Deposit Boost.

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