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An Income Boost helps buyers to increase their maximum borrowing by an average of £64,000 with the help of their loved ones. So if you're struggling to find a house in your budget, or you're looking to buy alone, this could be the solution.

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JBSP mortgages

Most lenders will let you borrow 4.5x your combined income. With the average house price coming in at 7.5x income, there’s still a huge affordability gap for most first-time buyers in the UK. A JBSP mortgage allows you to allocate some or all of a family member's or friend's income to your mortgage, boosting your affordability so you could afford your dream home.

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The low down on JBSP mortgages

  • What is a JBSP mortgage?

    A joint borrower sole proprietor mortgage is where two (or more) borrowers use their joint income figures to apply for a mortgage. Only one will own the property (the ‘proprietor’), and both are legally responsible for making sure the mortgage is paid.

  • How could a JBSP mortgage help me?

    A JBSP, solves the problem of someone trying to buy a home with a lower salary. A close friend or loved one can give your income a boost by adding their earnings figure to the mortgage application too. This gives a higher overall income figure. A higher-income makes lenders more willing to agree to loan the amount needed for the home purchase (and reduces the amount of deposit required).

  • What are the criteria to be eligible for a JBSP mortgage?

    Both buyer and Booster will need to have good credit scores. As a JBSP mortgage relies on the completion of the mortgage term, the upper age is generally around 75-80 years old for when the mortgage term completes. So for a 25 year mortgage term the maximum age when the mortgage starts is 50-55 years old.

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With an Income Boost, you could borrow up to £173,000 That means with Tembo, you could aim for a home worth £183,000.

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With an Deposit Boost, you could borrow up to £323,000 That means with Tembo, you could aim for a home worth £333,000.

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